Lead generation is an essential tool for online stores. Consumer attitudes are changing over time, and some scepticism towards boring types of advertising is growing. To survive in a competitive market, you need to study your customers, build effective communication strategies, keep up with the times, and even better, be one step ahead. 

Promodo experts highlight the five lead generation trends in 2020 that will help your online store attract new customers, and provide advice on introducing them. 


Any lead generation trend can succeed in your business but only if you have an effective strategy. 

1. Customer experience

With the vast information flow, it can be difficult for a user to find an answer to their query. Even the most unique and original content can be sidelined if it’s not interesting to your target audience. Try saving visitors time on finding available information as much as possible. Don’t forget about website convenience: clear filtering and category systems, quick ordering process, and so on. 

2. Analysis of customer behaviour 

Collect information! As much data as possible about your visitors: how they got to your website, how much time they spent on it and at what stage they left your online store. You will then understand how to keep the attention of your target audience, which sections are most popular and which ones need additional information. 

Create an effective customer journey map — the path that a customer has taken to make a purchase from you follows from exploring your website content to that first purchase. Such a map will help you have a better understanding of the behavioural characteristics of your customers.

customer journey

3. Search engine optimisation

In addition to optimising your website for Google requirements, it is important to give your customers high-quality content instead of a set of keywords. Don’t forget about storytelling, it will not lose its relevance in 2020. This is particularly true if you work within a unique niche. Stories help you explain complex technical information in a simple way.