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increase your audience, extend business footprint
and take it to a new level!

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Internet Marketing Services

Kick The Ads is a company that provides marketing services on the Internet, places display and video ads on premium sites. We have access to a great number of advertising inventory.

We also help our clients to run their campaigns with Facebook advertising tools. In addition to that, we work in different domains, such as:

As a successful company
in the advertising market,
we guarantee to our clients

The best options without overpricing,
even better than in other media buying agencies.

The constantly extending list of
advertising inventories.

We shall prepare all necessary documents
and the cooperation agreement.

We shall take all the risks involved.
We shall search and provide you with
a dozen of the best options to choose from.

Meet Our Team

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Sherry Powell / Media planning


Jerry Moore / Accountant


Minnie Jones / QA team


Mattie Miller / Account manager

Jason Morris / CEO


Tomas Barkus / CMO

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If you want to start cooperating with our company, you can contact us by email or phone. Our manager will answer all your questions, prepare and send a prospect, clarify all details and draw up a MSA.

With Kick The Ads you will increase your audience,
extend business footprint and take it to a new level!

What our clients say

Kick The Ads manages our paid search and programmatic activity including social media and display. Overall, Kick The Ads helps us understand new tactics and features when they become available. They’re well-organized, responsive, and service-oriented.

Director of Marketing